K.T.A. Elite

Part of what makes the Kiwi Tennis Academy Elite level special is the bond that the group experiences.  Training on the court, sweating in the gym, and competing at tournaments together has strengthened their feeling of unity.  This camaraderie is what makes this level tick.

We have juniors ranging from ages nine to nineteen who come from all over the county to work together toward achieving their goals.  This year we were so pleased to have all our graduates receive scholarships to college tennis teams.  Some of these schools include UNC, Cleveland State, WCU and Gardner Webb, Navy, MIT, and Mercer.

Our experienced coaching staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to our players’ movement through the tournament ranks.  On any given weekend our athletes compete at their level, ranging from Local Level tournaments to Super Nationals.  The most accomplished players serve as mentors to the up-and-comers and encourage them to keep working toward their goals.

K.T.A. Elite Group Spring 2021 (Jan 4 – June 3)  

K.T.A. Elite Group Summer 2021 (June 7 – August 3)

  • To join you must have Instructor approval 
  • Monday & Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm, Cost $40 / Day
  • Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-7:00pm, Cost $30 / Day
  • Instructors – Joey Jones, Ruben VanOppen, Rick Boysen
  • NON-MEMBERS pay an additional $10 / Day
  • NON-MEMBERS must keep a current credit card on file


K.T.A. Elite Group Summer 2021 (June 7 – August 13)