Junior Tennis

A full staff of USPTA certified tennis professionals and a world-class facility are the perfect combination to nurture your child’s tennis game.

Start Kids Early at Kiwi!

Children as young as three can begin to experience the sport.  Our main focus is on building the fundamentals in a climate of positive coaching.  As the student develops their game and grows through the program, each step will help them become not only better players, but better people.  With a strong emphasis on fitness and mental discipline, we have seen our students accomplish great things both on and off the court.

Group Coaching is One Key to Success

The children work together in groups of similar ability.  We believe that this is an extremely important aspect of developing a complete player.  Tennis is a demanding individual sport, but by working and playing together, these groups push each other to develop quickly.  This also allows them to compete under the supervision and learn the skills required to master the mental side of the game.

Our competitive tournament players also have the benefit of team support.  They compete individually, but have coaches and peers with them at tournaments.