The Art of Sound

6pm – 8pm

Purchase your tickets at:  http://kkleinartist.ticketleap.com/the-art-of-sound/

Come out for a night of theraputic sounds and lights.  Anthony Profeta will bath you with healing vibrations from the crystal singing bowls.  Artist K. Kasey will then lead you in  creative interpretation.

Please BRING your own towel, yoga mat or blanket to lay on, a blanket to cover, any props you love to have with you for restorative yoga practices. This is your time, your space, and your palette.

We will start with a small cup of herbal hot tea blend at your seat. All of your art supplies will be included to get your creativity on and activated. TBD art details, as each class we may change up supplies & creations as needed. In class, we will go over our art expression tools and you get to choose how/when to use them in class or at a later date. If you want to lay down the entire time for a sound bath that’s an option and can create post sound bath or at home.

You will go home with a relaxed mind, body, spirit, & tools to keep your creativity open for more of your expression.

If you are interested for a specific day, time, theme, for self/family/work teammates please reach out to me at my email to see if we can accommodate you kaseyklein@gmail.com

Purchase your tickets at:  http://kkleinartist.ticketleap.com/the-art-of-sound/